Facebook to Bring Wearable with Messaging Services & Fitness Features

Facebook is planning to bring its own wearable smartwatch next year. This smartwatch will offer fitness features and messaging services. As per reports, the hardware might be an Android-based smartwatch. The smartwatch will be available in 2021, and it will be another hardware by the company, as it already has Oculus headsets and Portal video-calling gadgets.

Facebook Might Launch Smartwatch Next Year with Fitness Features

Facebook to bring smartwatch next year

As of now, not many details are out, but it might have a few of the features similar to other smartwatches and trackers. Moreover, it is said that the users will be able to click on any services like Peleton, which indicates a strong health and fitness commitment.

However, the smartwatch might run on its own operating system. The main key features will be social features. The users can send quick messages through Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. It might be called a Facebook Watch that will have a direct cellular connection, like Apple Watch, Oppo Watch, and other models.

When the smartwatch will release, at that time only we will know the pricing details. And the second model of the watch will be released in 2023.

Apart from this, Facebook is also working on Ray-Ban smart glasses. In 2019, Facebook took the neural interface startup CTRL-Labs, which imagines the devices that don’t use touchscreens or buttons for inputs.

The company has more than 6000 employees working on different projects including Oculus and Portal, and under the Facebook Reality Labs division.

So, will this be a good thing? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook Smartwatch. However, most of them are concerned about their privacy, so the company should clear about that first. There is a lot of time as more details will be out about the gadget. So, stay tuned to us to know more about the smartwatch with messaging and fitness features.

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