Facebook, TikTok and 87 Other Apps Face Ban from The Indian Army

Facebook, TikTok, and 87 Other Apps Face Ban from The Indian Army.  The ban on these applications has come as a directive after the ban of 59 Chinese applications by the Indian Government. The list of the ban only applies to the Armed Forces and not Civilians.

Indian Army Bans TikTok and Facebook!

Facebook, TikTok and 87 Other Apps Banned by the Indian Army
Facebook, TikTok and 87 Other Apps Banned by the Indian Army

The Indian Army has ordered the ban of 89 Applications in which Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and even Truecaller is present. The list contains the combination of the 59 Applications that were banned by the Indian Government in an effort to put pressure on the Chinese companies after the deadly clash in Galwan which left 20 Indian Soldiers dead. The list released today only applies to the personnel serving in the armed forces and not Civilians.

The ban has included the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram in an effort to stop soldiers from being Honeytrapped by spies from enemy countries. It also is done in an effort to curb the flow of important and classified information to the public which might be dangerous towards the security of the country.

Truecaller has also been added to the list of bans after the personal numbers of soldiers were being leaked to the public, which jeopardized the personal security of the soldiers and their families.

Games from Tencent, like PUBG Mobile are banned because of the data collected by the application might be used as a tool. The ban has also been extended to Dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and even Couch Surfing.

E-Commerce applications that shipped products from China like AliExpress and AliBaba have also been banned in an effort to encourage buying of products that are made in India. Some health and even apps like Reddit have been banned.

The order has clearly stated that the applications have to be uninstalled immediately from the phones of the soldiers. No companies which are on the banned list have made a comment to the public.

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