Facebook Terminates Accounts Related to Disinformation Campaign

Facebook on Monday has released some information saying that they have terminated accounts which were State-backed but were acting as genuine users.



As per the Facebook Newsroom, The accounts that were found spreading fake news and hatred which was targetted at the United States Presidential Elections in 2020 and  The Israelites. The accounts were found to be backed by Russian and  Iranian state actors that were showing themselves as legitimate.

Facebook Ban Samples Israel
A Palestine page that was banned by Facebook for spreading Disinformation.

These posts crossed categories and ideological lines, seemingly with no specific intent other than to foment discord. Some of the posts touched on conflict in the Middle East, while others pointed to racial strife.

Facebook Ban page Sample US
A page banned by Facebook spreading fake news

Some of the campaigns focused more on the 2020 election. In that campaign, 50 accounts linked to Russia’s Internet Research Agency — a professional troll farm targeted candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination including former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

A ton of Instagram accounts was also removed by Facebook as many fake accounts were spreading disinformation regarding the Israelites and the Palestinians by fake accounts that were related to Iranians.

Instagram account ban facebook
An Instagram page banned by Facebook

“Elections have changed significantly since 2016, but Facebook has changed too,” he said. “We’ve gone from being on our back foot to now proactively going after some of the biggest threats that are out there,” says Facebook after banning such accounts.

“We detected this activity as part of our ongoing review of suspected coordinated inauthentic behavior ahead of US elections. We’ve shared information with our industry partners, policy makers, and law enforcement and will continue working with others to find and remove this behavior.” Facebook has decided to take legal action against these state-backed actors Social Media is playing an important role in campaigning and changing the ideology of people.

After this recent ban on these accounts, Facebook is trying its best banning such accounts that spread hate speech and fake news on their platform.

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