Facebook Sues OneAudience Analytics Platform For Storing Users’ Data

For the last few years, Facebook has been facing several data safety issues. Last year, the company sued a Hong Kong-based company for performing an ad fraud and also various allegations have been made on Facebook for such issues. Well, it seems that the company is taking it seriously as it has again sued another company which was said to harvest users’ data. 

Facebook Sues OneAudience For Storing Users’ Data 

The analytics gathering company OneAudience has been on Facebook for checking analytics of Facebook posts. But now a federal lawsuit has been filed against OneAudience for storing users data. 

Facebook Sues OneAudience Analytics Platform For Storing Users' Data
Facebook Sues OneAudience Analytics Platform For Storing Users’ Data

According to a report, OneAudience had installed several SDKs which is normal but the company was also said to install malicious kits that involved trackers for gathering user data. The company was said to harvest users’ data for some other usage.

Whenever a user Login through Facebook credentials, the app use to gather all the information. It is also said that the company paid third-party developers for such an act.

Facebook after a matter of time got to know about this and sent notifications to 9.5 million users’ that the data might not be safe. Therefore, Facebook contacted OneAudience and strangely it didn’t respond. Facebook has also sent out legal letters for that matter, still, there was no response.

This ended with a lawsuit that Facebook filed on Thursday against OneAudience analytics company. Further, Facebook also claims that such acts will not be entertained and lawsuits will be filed for these cases.

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