Facebook Rolled Out New “Care” Emoji Reaction

Facebook is the most popular app which keeps you connected with your friends, family and everyone. Facebook will soon launch a new emoji reaction on its main app and also on the messenger app. Alexandru Voica, an EMEA Communications Manager, announced this news on Twitter.

Facebook set to roll out new Reaction emojis

Facebook Rolled Out New "Care" Emoji Reaction
Facebook Rolled Out New “Care” Emoji Reaction

As we all are in lockdown, with the help of Facebook, we all can stay in touch with friends, family, and neighbours. To show the love and support to your friends, the company said, it will add a new reaction emoji for “care“. An emoji face is hugging a heart and a pulsing heart which will come with “thumbs up”.

The new “care” emoji will appear on Facebook’s main app from next week. And the new emoji will also be shown on the Messenger app from today. See the new heart by pressing on the reaction and change it or create a new reaction to the chat.

Alexandra Voica shared a tweet on the twitter, check it out:

On Facebook, you will see an emoji of smiley face holding a heart, and it is called the “care reaction“. On Messenger, you will see a new “Heart Reaction” a beating heart emoji. To use this reaction on Messenger, the users need to press and hold down the standard heart reaction. If you want to change then press and hold the new reaction.
The head of Facebook app, Fidji Simo, said to National UAE,
“We originally launched our set of reactions because people told us they wanted to express themselves in more ways than just through likes and comments – they wanted to be able to express how they felt. Fast forward to today, we find ourselves navigating unprecedented times with Covid-19 and many people have been turning to platforms like Facebook and Messenger. Our hope is to give people ways to provide and show support to one another through many of the new features we build.”

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