Facebook Pay to let you send money on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook is launching a new payment system, appropriately named Facebook Pay, and it will be available through Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Facebook Pay Launched!

Facebook Pay
Facebook Pay

On Tuesday, the platform unveiled a new service called Facebook Pay, which will be rolled out on Facebook and Messenger first starting this week in the US before it comes to Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Application is designed to make transactions easier across Facebook’s popular social networks and devices. You can use Facebook Pay to give money to friends, shop for items, or even donate to fundraisers.

The platform will be different from Facebook’s current Calibra wallet and the Libra network and will be based on existing financial infrastructure and partnerships.

Facebook Pay
Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay will be available in the Facebook and Messenger device settings tab and will accept most debit and credit cards and PayPal.

Facebook doesn’t reveal precisely when this payment system will be available across all of its apps, or when it will be launched internationally. Facebook Pay comes only weeks after a large number of payment firms have fallen out of Facebook’s Libra campaign.

Facebook’s efforts to expand transactions and exchange on the social network are being criticised for not doing enough to protect the privacy of its nearly 2.5 billion users.

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Facebook Pay is part of our ongoing work to make the apps more easy, usable and safe for the company.

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