Facebook Messenger App Redesign, Discover Tab Removed!

Are you using the Facebook Messenger app? If yes, then soon you will see a new design of the app. Yes, the Facebook Messenger app is all set to get a new look soon. As per the reports, the app is removing the Discover Tab to keep the app simple. The new design of this app will roll out after one week. This new update of the app will be available for both iOS and Android devices from next week.

Facebook Messenger is getting a new simpler design.


The Facebook Messenger app is getting a new simple design. The Discover Tab will be removed in the app and to get better experience; it is disassociating with chatbots. Getting rid of the Discover Tab will make the app simple.

The new design will look like, as shown in the picture:


According to the reports on TechCrunch, the new design of the app will have a People section which will show your Facebook Friends who updated any story or were active on Facebook. There will be two sections, Stories Tab and besides that, there will be Active users tab which shows who all are active.

At present, the messenger app is having three sub-sections, People Tab, Chat Tab and Discover Tab. In the chat tab, you can see the names of the users with whom you interacted recently. People tab shows the active friends, and the Discover tab shows the names of different brands, magazines, etc.

The changes in the design are made so that people can spend more time in communicating with friends and family instead of seeing the chatbots for games and shopping as the messenger app is made for interacting with others so it should be used for that only.  And the instant games which keep coming on Facebook Messenger app will be removed in the new update.

A spokesperson from Facebook told the new design will roll out soon without a Discover Tab and a People tab. “The messenger app is a redesigned app that shows the People Tab, Stories tab. The format is copied from Snapchat.”

Facebook is also working on the Messenger Kids app, which was launched in 2017. The app will get new features which give more controls to the parents on their Kids activities on Facebook Messenger Kids App.

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