Facebook Launches ‘Vanish Mode’ for Messenger & Instagram, Messages will Disappear

Facebook has launched a new feature called “Vanish Mode” for Instagram and Messenger. This feature will delete the messages once the viewer has seen it. It is similar to Snapchat, where once the receiver has seen the messages, it gets disappears.

Snapchat Like Feature “Vanish Mode” coming to Messenger & Instagram.

Snapchat Like Feature "Vanish Mode" coming to Messenger & Instagram

Recently, Whatsapp has also got a new similar feature called “Disappearing Messages.” But it is not the exact feature like Snapchat, as in Whatsapp messages will be available for seven days, and then it will be deleted. But in Vanish Mode, once the receiver will open the chat, read the messages, and go out of the chatbox, your messages will disappear.

Vanish Mode by Facebook was announced in September, and now it is arriving on the two apps. It will allow the users to send messages without going to the chat history.

How to use the Vanish Mode feature?

If you want to use the Vanish Mode feature, you can enable it, or if you don’t want to use it, you can use the regular chat mode. And this new feature works only if you both are friends. It work’s only in private and one-on-one chats. Vanish Mode will not work with group chats.

To turn on this feature, you can swipe up on the existing chat thread. And if you want to deactivate the feature, then swipe up again. Even if you or the receiver takes a screenshot of the chat, the user will be notified.

With Vanish Mode, the users can send a chat message, Voice message, GIF, stickers, emoji, and pictures. It will disappear once the user views the message and leave the chat.

As of now, Vanish Mode is rolling out on Messenger in the US and few other countries. Soon, Instagram will also get this feature.

If you know, Instagram already has a similar feature for sending photos and videos. Once the user has viewed the photo or video, the message will disappear. And once the Vanish mode is available for messages, it will be more similar to Snapchat.

While we talk about Instagram Reels, it is now expanded globally. Recently, it also got a Shop button at the navigation bar. And the notification button for comments and likes is at the bottom corner of the homepage.

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