Facebook is Testing A Whole New User Interface For its Web Version

Facebook, a giant social media and tech company, is working on a new user interface for its website. It has already started rolling out the public beta version of its new user interface which looks quite similar to that of Twitter’s new UI. The new user interface also has a dark mode

The screenshots of various twitter users complimenting the new facebook user interface suggests that users are actually liking the new interface. Facebook invited only a limited number of users to test its new user interface by sending an invitation which says

We are excited for you to try a fresh, simpler experience of the Facebook website. Larger fonts and simplified layouts will make it easier to do what you want.

Although, earlybirds have an option to revert to the old user interface. Facebook has still not revealed when this new user interface will be officially rolled out for everyone. You can only get access to the new user interface through an invitation.


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