Essential announces Project Gem Smartphone

Essential is a company founded by Andy Rubin, the Ex-Google exec has announced the launch of Project Gem phones which are radically different than the present smartphones available at this time.

Project Gem Smartphones Revealed!

Project Gem Phone
Project Gem Phone (Credit: Andy Rubin@Twitter)

The phone was launched on Wednesday after this tweet made by Andy Rubin and Essential Phones.

The phone has taken a refreshed approach towards the present-day phones available in the market. It has an elongated design that has a fairly big camera and has a flashy color scheme appropriate to its name “GEM”. The phone is going to be a successor to the PH-1 which was launched by Essential and was received poorly by the users.

The phone is supposed to have a Voice assistant activated by pressing the fingerprint sensor on the back as per some leaked codes in the XDA-Developers website. The UI seems vertical and is going to use Android 10 out of the box and will be modified for the phone.

Project Gem Buildbot Leak
Project Gem Buildbot Leak(Credit: XDAdevelopers)

The phone is supposed to have a Snapdragon 730 processor and is supposed to have sensors that are listed include the 16MP Sony IMX519, the 48MP Sony IMX 586, the 13MP Sony IMX 258, the 20MP Sony IMX 476, and the 5MP Samsung S5K5E9 according to this leaked Buildbot code.

The phone is now in early testing and has no release date as of now. This phone is going to be a revolution within the phones when other companies are trying to achieve a 100%+ Screen ratio.

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