Facebook is Testing Encrypted Video & Audio Calls In Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, shared his vision about the future of Facebook and encrypting all of the messaging services and the tech giant is slowly working on to improve its messaging platform, messenger.

Facebook is Testing Encrypted Voice Calls In Messenger

Previously, Messenger added a feature of secret conversation where you can start a secret conversation with anyone and set a message duration after which the messages would get deleted automatically. This feature doesn’t encrypt calls over messenger.

As of now, the messenger has the ability to encrypt messages only when the user enables secret conversations, unlike WhatsApp where encryption is enabled for every user and message.

But a lot of people still don’t use Whatsapp and rely upon facebook messenger fort audio calls, video calls, and texting. Therefore, messenger is still not a secure platform for communication.

However, Facebook is testing encrypted voice calls in messenger as per the reports from Jane Mong. The feature is not released or made available for anyone as of writing.

We will keep updating you about this feature in the future.

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