If you had a dream to work with Elon Musk, who is a chief executive officer of Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) and Tesla Inc., then you can now fulfil your dream. Elon Musk is hiring applicants, and he does not care about your level of education. On Twitter, Elon Musk has announced about some opening at his company Tesla.

Elon Musk makes surprising Tesla recruiting pitch

Elon Musk Hiring Applicants For Tesla: 'I don’t care if you even graduated high school’
Elon Musk Hiring Applicants For Tesla: ‘I don’t care if you even graduated high school.’

Just a few days ago, tech entrepreneur Musk shocked everyone by uploading an electronic dance song. And now, he has announced about some openings at this company. Elon Musk wrote on a tweet, “Join AI at Tesla!

The founder of SpaceX told his followers that he was looking for “world-class” designers to join the teams in Texas, Austin, and Palo Alto, Calif. He quickly gave the note to “World-class” that it does not mean highly educated.

Musk said, “A PhD is definitely not required.” There should be a deep understanding of AI and has the ability to perform NNs in a way that is useful. Don’t care even if you are graduated high school.

He added, he will be keeping a “super fun party” and hackathon at his house with the invitations to candidates going out. However, it won’t be easy, as the founder of SpaceX said, the candidates should pass a “hardcore coding test”.

Check out his tweet:

Yet, it is unclear how many candidates can fill in or how Musk is planning to choose candidates. At present, the Tesla career page has a list of so many open roles, but the company has not posted any new jobs from December. But, at the bottom of Tesla’s Autopilot webpage, there is a small app which asks for a name, email and exceptional work which they have done.

As Elon Musk tweeted for Job recruitment, so many of them are interested. Musk got thousands of replies from his 31 million followers on Tweeter. Many of them shared their LinkedIn pages and experience.


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