Google Maps Now Shows Electric Car Charging Stations

Google Maps a platform to navigate your route faster and easier. All of us know about Google Maps, as it helps us to search for any place at any time. With the help of Google Map, you can effortlessly search your location and get the direction to reach that place easily.

As everything easy, Google has added one more feature to it, which shows Electric Car Charging Stations.

E-Vehicles Charging Stations Can Easily Found On Google Maps

For All the Electric Car Owners it is now easy to locate the charging stations according to the charging connectors. Searching for the charging station feature was added earlier, but now the owners can search for the result based on charging connectors.

Different makers use different charging connectors like Nissan’s vehicles use CHAdeMO, Volkswagen and BMW use CCS, and much more.

Google Maps Now Shows Electric Car Charging Stations
Google Maps Now Shows Electric Car Charging Stations


In Google Maps a new plug dropdown menu now appears in the filter bar. To search for the compatible stations, enter the exact plugs which are in their car. The option of “Electric Vehicle Settings” is added to the app.

The new feature of searching EV charger stations was first added last year. Then Google said this new feature which shows you which charging station is in use. This function has ratings and review features. This feature is available in the USA, as per the Android Police reports. However, it is also available in the UK and for both the iOS and Android apps. Yet, this feature is not available everywhere.

Many other apps have this feature, but now it is great to see this feature on Google Maps. No more tension to charge your Electric Car anywhere.

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