Earn money with Tiktok Now: New Monetisation Feature!

The popular video creating app Tiktok is working on to add more features to its app for its userbase. Recent reports suggest that Tiktok is working on the ability to add links to the user bio which includes social commerce URLs in videos.

Earn Money using TikTok!

earn money with tiktok
earn money with tiktok

Tiktok conducted the test with few influencers based in the US and it is being suggested that this is going to the first step of the company to help its influencers earn money out of it through monetization which is said to brand deals.

These deals will be shoppable ad links that will allow the influencers and brands to monetize the content through different mediums.

Over the past few years, the user base of Tiktok has increased tremendously. As of writing, it has a total of 1.3 billion downloads which are increasing every day. Therefore the amount of cringe content you will be facing in your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed is increasing at a rapid rate (all thanks to cheap internet).

The reports coming from AdWeek show that TikTok is testing to add links in bios and videos which will give the users a quick swipe up like the option to go to a promotional page or a shopping page.

For influencers, this feature will help them to market products easily without asking the users to follow them on different social media and promoting the brands or products.

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However, this feature is still under test mode and has been tested only in a small part in the USA, there is no confirmation whether Tiktok will actually release this feature or drop it.

Tiktok’s spokesperson said that “we’re always experimenting with new ways to improve the app experience for our users.”

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