Many have heard about Windows OS running on various devices, but now a Developer has managed to Run Windows 10 IoT Core On a Graphing Calculator.

Windows 10 IoT on a Calculator!

Windows 10 on a Graphing Calculator
Windows 10 on a Graphing Calculator

Windows 10 IoT Core is for the smallest embedded systems like Raspberry Pi and even the touch display on your refrigerator. Windows 10 is currently available in nine different versions, ranging from Pro to Home to Enterprise.

Now a Developer called @iamBushuo aka Ben has run a copy of Windows 10 IoT on a calculator. Still, this calculator is not a simple calculator but an HP Prime Graphing Calculator which comes with a touch screen interface, and excellent industrial design.

According to Ben, the calculator has been modified to boot Windows 10 IoT Core, which does not offer full Windows Shell experience. Still, you can run Universal Windows Program apps and background processes.

Ben stated in the initial tweets that his first boot attempt failed with some pre-OS error (couldn’t exit UEFI Boot Services) because the monitor is too small.

Windows 10 on a Graphing Calculator
Windows 10 on a Graphing Calculator Error

It’s not clear how he managed to install Windows 10 on device with only 256 MB of RAM. He managed to obtain the Windows Boot Manager and Windows 10 boot UI.

There is still lot of work to be done, though, as the project has not yet been completed. That said, we even don’t know that he managed to install Windows 10 IoT Core on the HP Prime Graphing Calculator. The developer is expected to share more info on the project in the coming days.



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