April 2, 2023

Popular Weather App Dark Sky Gets Acquired by Apple

Popular Weather App, Dark Sky has been acquired by Apple. This is the first time Apple is making an application exclusive to the Apple ecosystem. This move will impact the Android and API users which will get shut down in a few months’ time.

Dark Sky Gets Acquired by Apple

Dark Sky
Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a Weather Application similar to AccuWeather which is now being acquired by Apple and is making it exclusive for the Apple Ecosystem. As per the blog post made by the Devs of the Dark Sky, it has said that the company is now being taken over by Apple and will be subject to Apple’s privacy policy.

After this move, the application has now become unavailable in the Android’s Google Playstore and is not accepting registrants for their API. The company has made it specific that the users who have paid for the premium versions in Android will be refunded after July 1, 2020, and the existing API users will be shut out in the last months of 2021. Dark Sky will also not be available to WearOS, which basically means shut out to everything else than Apple.

Dark Sky iOS Notification
Dark Sky iOS Notification

The API and the related data activity may be the key reason Apple is interested in Dark Sky; the service is known to provide smart alerts and highly detailed precipitation data in far more detail, among other things, than the Apple’s own Weather app.

This move can affect unaffiliated applications like Big Sky which is used by Amazon Echo which uses Dark Sky’s data to provide weather forecasts. The application has already been renamed as Dark Sky by Apple and its developer has been changed to Apple.

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