Color OS 7 Launched: New Features and Device Availability

At a recent event in Beijing, China, Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO finally launched ColorOS 7. The ColorOS 7 is an upgrade to Android 10 for the OPPO and most probably Realme Devices too.

Color OS 7 Launched: New Features 

Color OS 7 UI
Color OS 7 UI

The company’s latest Android skin offers a thoroughly updated UI that draws heavily from the changes introduced in Android 10 to provide users with a better user experience compared to previous ColorOS models.

In a new visual design concept, ColorOS 7 packs are expected to reduce visible exhaustion and provide users with a more natural colour scheme. ColorOS 7 icons are fully customizable, enabling users to change the shape and size of the icons on their home screen.


The company with the new OS also introduced a new OPPO Sans font. Hanyi Fonts  Zhu Zhiwei designed the font’s Chinese characters while the U.S. design company, Pentagram, developed the western characters.

Besides, the company has added to the program new Art+ wallpapers to deliver a high-quality desktop experience. OPPO and Episound, a renowned Danish audio agency, have collaborated to redesign the sound effects included in the app ultimately.

Color OS 7 Dark Mode
Color OS 7 Dark Mode

The ColorOS 7 also provides a system-wide dark mode that also covers applications from third parties. You can also schedule the dark mode to activate during the day at a particular time.

Additionally, ColorOS 7 is more intelligent. It can change to drive mode automatically if it connects to the Bluetooth car and, depending on your smartphone usage patterns, it can send a sleep mode recall at night, which triggers DND and dark mode on the system. It also has a focus mode.

ColorOS 7
ColorOS 7

OPPO claims that phones can boost RAM optimisation capabilities with ColorOS 7 and reduce the start-up time of the app by up to 40%, with a machine resource efficiency of 30%. Besides, the software includes in-game frame rate improvements and touch response to enhance the overall gaming experience.

There is also a new Google-powered password manager. ColorOs 7’s camera centre features include a revamped screen Interface, 2.0 portrait mode, night mode, super stabilisation and Soloop video editor. The OS also supports three-finger long screenshot and cropping.

Color OS 7 Release Schedule: 

The launch timetable for ColorOS 7 was also announced by OPPO, with the rollout phase 1 to begin on November 25. For the OPPO Reno, Reno Inspiration Edition, Reno 10x Zoom, Reno Barcelona Custom Edition, Reno Ace and Reno Ace Gundam Edition, the code will be published during Phase 1. Phase 2 is expected to start in December later this year, moving the program to the Reno 2 OPPO. Here is a list of the remaining OPPO products scheduled for next year’s update:

  • Phase 3 (Q1, 2020)
    • OPPO Reno 2 Z
    • OPPO Reno Z
    • OPPO Find X (including special editions)
    • OPPO R17 (including special editions)
    • OPPO R17 Pro (including special editions)
    • OPPO K5
  • Phase 4 (Q2, 2020)
    • OPPO R15 (including special editions)
    • OPPO K3
    • OPPO A9
    • OPPO A9x
    • OPPO A11
    • OPPO A11x

A slightly modified version of ColorOS 7 will be rolled out to Realme users, with the update scheduled in February next year for Realme X and Realme X Youth Edition. The Realme Q will follow suit and is expected to receive the update in March 2020, while ColorOS 7 is scheduled for the Realme X2 and Realme X2 Pro in April 2020. It should also be noted that at an event on November 26, the company is expected to release ColorOS 7 in India.

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