Chrome OS Could Get macOS’ “Hot Corners” Feature

Still, Chrome OS is considered a newcomer to the market. Even though the development cycle of Chrome is regular. Whenever it adds new features to its OS, it borrows them from other desktops. Chrome also borrows from Android parts. And this allows the OS to add new features continuously. Recently, a new code change was spotted, and it looks like the next feature is similar to “Hot Corners” feature of macOS. The new feature is the same as the Hot corners feature, and it will provide all the functionality as same as it does on macOS.

Google Chrome OS Could Get macOS’ “Hot Corners” Feature

Chrome OS Could Get macOS' "Hot Corners" Feature
Chrome OS Could Get macOS’ “Hot Corners” Feature

The company revealed that it is not opposed to copy some of the features from other OS and get them on its own Chrome OS. Chromebooks also have a virtual desk, and it is a common OS idea of having it on another desktop. However, Google is also making its OS rival with macOS. Recently, its own Look Up was introduced by Google. And on Chromebook, it is called Quick Answers, and it is the Google Assistance-powered feature.

“Hot Corners” feature is there in macOS, and it allows the Mac user to trigger different actions by moving the mouse cursor to the desktop corner. This feature is also there in GNOME desktop which is a default desktop for Ubuntu and others also. However, Windows does not have any feature like this.

On Mac, the Hot Corners feature turns all the four corners of the display in actions. When the user will move the mouse cursor to the top right corner, then the action which is assigned to the top right corner will be shown on the desktop.

As per the reports, the Chromium Gerrit has confirmed, that Google might prepare its own version of Hot Corners by adding a chrome flag for the same.

It states: “If enabled, the user can configure actions for corners of the display.”

As of now, it is under review, and it is not merged yet. Right now, there is no details about the Google version of Hot Corners. But we can say that the new feature will work same as macOS.

This is not the first time that Google has borrowed features from other OS. The Chrome OS has a feature of the second virtual desktop, which is named as a virtual desk. And the Apple’s Look Up feature is brought in the form of Google Assistant Quick Answers.

All the Chrome OS users can expect to see this new feature in the future chrome OS versions.

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