Google Chrome on Android Gets In-Built Screenshot Tool

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser that is used by almost everyone. The mobile app has got a new feature to take screenshots. Android has added an in-built screenshot tool. Your phone’s full screen is captured including the bottom bar with tools to crop, add text and Draw.

Chrome for Android Gets a Built-In Screenshot Tool

Chrome for Android gets screenshot tool (1)

Earlier, it added the grid-view and tab grouping feature on Android. In the last update, Chrome for Android has a share sheet menu with a copy link, send to your device, QR code, and Print option. In the latest version (build 91.0.4472.77), it has added a screenshot option that is available for all the users.

How to use Screenshot Tool on Android Chrome?

The new screenshot option is available in the sharing menu at the bottom row along with Copy Link, QR Code, and more options.

Use the new in-built screenshot tool by clicking on the web link. Then click on the Share button to access the “Sharing Menu”. After taking the screenshot, the users can also use the editor tool.

Once you crop the image, then you can add text or draw anything on the picture. You can save the screenshot to any platform or can also save it on your device. There is also a Delete option if you don’t want to use that screenshot.

In the recent update of Chrome 91 for Android, this tool is added, if you haven’t received it, then update your browser from Google Play Store. If you are unable to see the option, you can spot it in the sharing menu, at the bottom of the screen.

However, this feature is a little similar to the Markup tool of Android 11 and is now updated in Android 12. This will be much easier for most of the users as many of them take screenshots when they can’t download the images.

Google regularly adds more features to its mobile browser to improve the experience. Last year, it has added a custom share menu that replaced the system default.

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