China Has Started Research and Development For 6G Technology

While the other countries are still working on 5G technology, China is one step ahead of us and has already started to work on 6G technology. The 5G technology can provide us at least 20 times faster connection speed than 4G and guarantee to provide support for upcoming technologies which includes self-driving cars and much more.

China has Started Researching for 6G Technology

The official research program for 6G technology has already started in China, as per the media reports. The government of China and research institutes met this week to form up a national 6G technology research and development group.

The race to become a country with ultra-fast mobile services has become the main point of competition between the United States and China in the past few months.


Although, China had plans to launch the first ultra-fast mobile internet service early next year, the fast-pacing competition between the USA and China has forced China to gear up for the 6G technology.

6G Technology Video:

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This decision of China was made after the country’s 3 largest telecom companies launched 5G mobile handsets globally.

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