All Things You Need to Know about CES 2020

CES is an annual trade show called Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas every year. The show is a showplace for all sorts of new technological innovations for all bigshot Tech companies.

All Things You Need to Know About CES 2020: Date and Location

CES 2020
CES 2020

This edition of CES 2020 is being held at Las Vegas, the United States, which starts from January 7th, 2020 to January 10th, 2020. The introduction of some products will begin on the 5th of January 2020.

The trade fair like the event is invite-only as attendees have to apply for the invitation by providing all sorts of details.  Attendees are usually selected by how renowned they are in the tech community with some chosen by first come and first serve basis.

What to Expect from Tech Companies from CES 2020:

Intel will be unveiling the Ice-Lake CPUs and with the introduction of Intel Xe GPUs. AMD will be releasing a host of desktop and mobile CPUs in CES 2020. Apple will be coming to CES for the first time in 28 years for discussing privacy. LG will be showing off some OLED televisions, so will Samsung. OnePlus is rumored to launch a new phone with 865 SoC. Sony will be unveiling the PlayStation 5 and Qualcomm to Show off its 5G tech.

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The CES 2020 will be an exciting event with so many new technologies for the new years to come.

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