Operating System

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is Available to General Public

Microsoft's Virtual Desktop is now made available to the general public after an announcement made by a Blog Post today. The announcement was made by Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, and...
Google unveils Android 10 Go Edition

Google Unveiled Android 10 Go Edition Update

The Android Go Platform, which was launched in 2017, was made for entry-level smartphones with RAM less than 2GB and small storage. Google is now working on to provide a better user experience to entry-level devices...
iPadOS Release

Apple iPadOS releases – Here Are Its Features

Apple has released iPadOS for its iPad lineup. The new OS is based on the newly released iOS 13 with more features for the iPad. This is the first time Apple has experimented something...
Apple Releases iOS 13.1 Update To Fix Security Bugs

Apple Releases iOS 13.1 Update To Fix Security Bugs

A few days ago, Apple launched its highly anticipated update of iOS 13 with a lot of new features and the dark mode. The update was made available for iPhone 6s and its successors.  Apple...
OnePlus 7T Will Support Android 10 Out of the Box

OnePlus 7T Will Support Android 10 Out of the Box

A recent report confirms that OnePlus 7T is going to be the first most to come with Android 10 out of the box. The latest Android 10 has recently made its way to the smartphones,...
apple released 13 update

Apple Rolls Out iOS 13 – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Finally, the most awaited iOS 13 update has been rolled out by Apple for devices which are compatible with the update. The latest version of iOS is packed with a lot of features that...
Windows Defender breaks down due to a recent update

Windows Defender Causes Failure In Virus Scan Due To A Bug

Last time we reported about Microsoft releasing a patch that ended up breaking the start menu and this time it is out favorite and underrated Windows Defender which experienced some bugs, although these bugs have now...