Hacking and Security


NordVPN Hacked due to Expired Private Keys

Nord, a virtual private network provider has confirmed that it was hacked. After a tweet from Nord VPN invited the wrath of the infosec, it was discovered that they had breach which was finally...
Your Device Can Be Hacked By Sending A GIF On WhatsApp

Your Device Can Be Hacked By Sending A GIF On WhatsApp

Almost everyone who uses whatsapp must be using the GIF feature that adds weight to our dull and boring text messages. Although, you can also send stickers, but GIF has always been a first...

Spam Mail Contains Malicious URLs Instead of File Attachments

Proofpoint research for Q2 2019 suggests that 85% of Malicious Email Spam (MalSpam) contained a link to download a malicious file rather than any old school file attachment. Proofpoint also suggests that phishing has increased...
This Unpatchable Exploit "Checkm8" Can Jailbreak any iOS device

This Unpatchable Exploit “Checkm8” Can Jailbreak any iOS device

Checkm8 is an exploit that advantage of a flaw in Apple's BootROM which can allow Jailbreaking devices that are running iOS on A5 to A11 chipset. This flaw affects devices from Apple iPhone 4S...
23 million youtube creators under security threat

23 Million YouTube Accounts Under Security Threat

The cyber criminals are threatening high-profile youtubers over a past few days about a massive attack. Catalin Cimpanu, a ZDNet reporter issued a security warning after having a conversation with a member of internet...
LastPass released a bug fix that steals passwords

LastPass Releases Update For Bug That Could Leak Passwords

It is quite hard to remember passwords for every other site, that is where LastPass comes to the rescue. But, recently LastPass has pushed out a patch for a bug fix that could have...