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Samsung Invests In Mobile Display Plant In India

Samsung Invests In Mobile Display Plant In India

South Korean giant Samsung has been one of the top smartphone contenders in the world, it has also been on the lead in the Indian market a few years ago. Well now,  if not...
Apple Shipped 6.8 million Smartwatches in Q3 of 2019

Apple Shipped 6.8 million Smartwatches in Q3 of 2019

It has been months since Apple announced a new series of Apple smartwatch which is Known as Apple Watch Series 5. Due to a new addition to the Watch Series, the previous models received...

Machine Vision has the potential to transform the entire financial sector

The adoption of the cutting-edge technical aspect of the Machine Vision in the financial sector doesn’t just benefit the business; instead, it is also beneficial to the consumers. However, the same thing seemed a...

Apple officially unveils the iPhone 11 and its exciting new features

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, along with notable executives and designers of the Cupertino tech giant has plans to unveil the new series of iPhone on Tuesday. Since the very beginning, Apple has...

Foxconn violated the temporary staff rule of China

The Labor Watch group in China has reportedly released a prolonged report alleging several violations of the Chinese law incorporated for the local staff. In addition to this, the suit was filed against Taiwan’s...

Huawei might incorporate ProtonMail for replacing the Google ecosystem

Huawei is currently in talks with the encrypted email service, ProtonMail to make it an integral part of the future Huawei smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer is planning to curate an alternative for the Google...

Microsoft thinks Trump is unfair to Huawei over its ban

The significantly powerful and distinctive executive of Microsoft said that Donald Trump is projecting un-American ways. By the looks of it, the executive also feels that the way Trump has been treating the telecommunications...

General Motors officially announces its tech partnership with Google

In the time of the prevailing wars to control the world of digital space in terms of cars, Google seems to have hit a praiseworthy home run. By the looks of it, the Mountain...