Beware of ‘Scary Messages’ & Virtual cards on WhatsApp

Whatsapp users are now under a threat by Scary Messages and Virtual Cards (Vcards). A few Whatsapp users are complaining about getting a series of messages which can freeze the app or can crash the app. So, if you are getting such types of messages, do not send it to others and do not open it.

Whatsapp App might get Crash if you Open Scary Messages or Vcards

Beware of ‘Scary Messages’ & Virtual cards on WhatsApp

The series of messages have characters in a different language which is unable to process by Whatsapp. And due to this issue, the message can do indefinite crash. From a long time, this issue is out but recently, most of the Whatsapp users received a series of message on Whatsapp.

WABetaInfo stated that, if you try to close and re-open the app, it can still crash the app. This issue is popular but is happening mainly in Brazil. Most of the Brazilian users are reporting about the weird behaviour.

Many users have shown messages by posting pictures on Twitter. The messages show that WhatsApp mods have performed a sort of “Crashcode protection”.

According to WABetaInfo, these crash messages are known as “scary messages” which can also come in the form of virtual cards (vcards). If you open the vcard, you can see that there might be 100 contacts linked.

In the card, every contact has a long name which has a crash code. Sometimes, vcard also edits or injects something called Payload and it makes the situation worse.

The Scary Messages have no sense when you read, but WhatsApp might read the message in a wrong way. Many times Whatsapp also can’t read the message because of its weird structure. So, in this situation, Whatsapp can’t read the process and at the end, there can be an infinite crash.

However, this is no proper solution to fix this issue, as Whatsapp should carefully study the problem and then bring the final solution.

Here are some of the tweets of the scary message.

If you get a scary message, you must immediately block that contact by using Whatsapp web. After that set privacy settings to “My Contacts” or “My Contacts except..” Do this setting in group privacy and then remove the message which has crash code. You must use Whatsapp Web, while you change the settings, as your phone app might not work. And if you can’t use Whatsapp web, then reinstall the app in your device (you will lose chat history).

Whatsapp might take time to solve this issue, as this issue is occurring from the past three years.

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