Beware of Fake WhatsApp for iOS Made by a Spyware Vendor

An Italian spyware vendor has created a fake Whatsapp version for iPhone. This version allows the hackers to get the information of the targeted users by asking them to install few configuration files on their devices. So, if you are an iPhone user, beware of installing any new update of Whatsapp.

Fake Whatsapp Version for iPhone is Created to Hack Data of the User

Beware of Fake WhatsApp for iOS Made by a Spyware Vendor

As per the reports, the fake version of the messaging app is made by surveillance company Cy4Gate. With this, the hackers can get information like the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) and the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). 

A cybersecurity research lab at the University of Toronto has worked with Motherboard and found the fake version of the app for iPhone. The news of this fake version came after a security company ZecOps posted a tweet about getting attacks against users on Whatsapp.

There was a website seen with a domain config5-dati[.]com, this was cheating the users to install the fake app. Actually, the file was specially configured for the iPhone. It was apparently designed for gathering information about the users and send it to the hackers.

After seeing the URL of the site, Motherboard found multiple groups of domains with the link. The links looked illegal, with Whatsapp branding and professional graphics, and also had instructions for the users to install a configuration file on the iPhone to install the fake Whatsapp.

There is no clear evidence of whether the company Cy4Gate was linked with the fake version of the app or not. There was a group of domains that shared an IP address with config5-dat[.]com. In a group, there was one of the domain names with “cy4gate srl.” With this name, it is said that the Italian company is linked with it.

A spokesperson by Motherboard said,

“We strongly oppose abuse from spyware companies, regardless of their clientele. Modifying WhatsApp to harm others violates our terms of service. We have and will continue to take action against such abuse, including in court”.

Earlier, in 2019 also Whatsapp was misused by spyware that was developed by Israel’s NSO Group. It targeted journalists and human rights activists in many regions globally including India.

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