Is Battlegrounds Mobile India Banned Before the Launch

Here comes big trouble for the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India before the game is released in the country. An MLA Ninong Ering from Arunachal Pradesh has written a letter to PM Modi, to ban the game in India. He says the game is the same as PUBG Mobile, nothing much has changed and it can be a security threat for the users.

Arunachal Pradesh MLA Says, PUBG India Avatar Should be Banned

Battleground Mobile India is the New PUBG Mobile for Indian Players

According to the MLA, the developer of the game Krafton was violating Indian laws. However, the launch date of the game is not announced, just pre-registrations of the game are Live on the Play Store. Also, Battlegrounds Mobile India has not yet released an iOS version.

Ninong Ering, posted a tweet, and has tagged PM Modi and Amit Shah, and has posted pictures of the letter. Here’s the tweet,

The MLA in the letter says,

“Battlegrounds Mobile India is a mere illusion and a trick to relaunch the same game with minor modifications and collect user data of millions of our citizens, including our children and transfer it to foreign companies and the Chinese government.”

Further, he said that Krafton and Tencent are trying to break the Indian laws by bringing the renamed version of the same game. As Krafton and Tencent are very close and Krafton is now an investor in Nodwin, and it works closely with Tencent.

He also highlighted that the terms and conditions of the Play Store of the new game mention the term “PUBG Mobile.”

To this, a member of Parliament Abhishek Singhvi has also claimed that the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India allows Tencent to re-enter the Indian gaming market. He posted a tweet and said, Instead of fighting the pandemic, the government is allowing PUBG to divert the attention of youth.

Before the launch, the backlash has already started, now let’s see what happens. Just a day before, the developers have announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India is working on an iOS version, and they will roll it out once the Android game is released.

The PUBG Mobile game was banned last year in September due to security reasons. So, this time the developers should be sure about the same, if not there will be a problem again. However, they have brought new terms and conditions to this new game. Let’s hope for the best.

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