Chat Apps Like Instagram, Twitter, Messenger can Expose Data via Preview Link

All the popular chat apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and more are at privacy risk. All these apps Link Previews on iOS and Android can expose the data of the users. The Security researchers have posted a blog informing about the security risk.

Link Previews of Chat Apps Can Have Privacy and Security Risks

Chat Apps Like Instagram, Twitter, Messenger can Expose Data via Preview Link

Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk, the security researchers, have announced that link previews can expose the data. All the popular messaging apps have link previews, and it can be a serious privacy problem.

The researchers have explained how Instagram and Messenger are having serious issues that must be fixed soon. Few bugs are leaking the IP addresses, exposing the links which are sent in chats, and downloading the gigabytes of data.

In a blog post, the researchers have explained how the apps are using different methods to generate link previews. According to the blog, in Reddit, if the link is opening automatically even without tapping on it, then it generates the link previews. Reddit users should see this message to trigger this program. This will lead you to malware attacks, and the attackers will get your IP address, and indirectly, they will get all your details. As per the latest reports, Reddit has fixed this issue as soon as researchers are informed about the issue.

Other apps like Discord, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line, Slack, Zoom, Twitter, LinkedIn are using another program for sending the link to generate a preview. Then the server will send the preview to both the sender and receiver. With this method, the server makes a copy of the link to generate the preview, and this copy, which is saved, can be misused later.

Let me tell you what link previews are? When we send a link via chat apps, it shows a preview of the link. No matter whatever the link is, it shows a short summary and a preview of the image. Without clicking on the link, we can see what’s there in it. It is a simple feature, but this feature can be a risky feature.

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