Apple’s New Over-Ear Headphones May Be Called AirPods Studio

It is expected that Apple will launch its new AirPods, Airpods Pro and the over-ear headphones in this year. Many rumours are coming around about the new AirPods, which might be the over-ear headphones. As per the rumours, the Airpods might come thick and fast.

Apple’s over-ear headphones may be called AirPods Studio

Apple's New Over-Ear Headphones May Be Called AirPods Studio
Apple’s New Over-Ear Headphones May Be Called AirPods Studio

The hint comes from the dependable Jon Prosser, the Airpods has a bit of weight as usual, but nothing is official till Apple announces anything. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the over-ear headphones will have a unique magnetic design, and it will come with swappable magnetic parts.

The Apple tipster Jon Prosser posted a tweet about the over-ear Apple headphone and said it would be called AirPods Studio.

Jon Prosser says these new gadgets will be priced at $349, which is approximately Rs.26,350.

According to Jon Prosser’s tweet, Apple is holding to the AirPods moniker, and it means the company is going to phase out Beats as the Jon Prosser has tweeted about the post earlier.

These will be high-end headphones so we can assume that it might not be affordable as AirPods. As per the reports, Apple has created two variations of the earphones, which are not announced. One will have leather fabrics, and the other one will have lighter materials.

The headphones have been spotted with a retro look with oval-shaped ear cups and a headband connected by metal arms. The arms start from the top of the ear cups instead of the sides.

The earpads and headband pads are attached to the frame of the headphones magnetically so the user can replace it. It is similar to some headphones from Master and Dynamic and Bowers & Wilkins. These models only have magnetic ear pads.

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