Apple is the richest company in the world. Currently, Apple is one of the best gadget making company. Apple has only a few products but all its products are leading in the market.

Apple is a well-known company for its luxurious or flagships phone. But, Apple tried to launch iPhone SE in mid-range and after that, they got some good response. So now they are again going to launch two new models of iPhone SE. These models are going to be introduced into the mid-price range only.

Apple May Launch Two ‘iPhone SE’ Models in 2020

Apple Update: Two Models Of iPhone SE May Get Introduced in 2020
Apple Update: Two Models Of iPhone SE May Get Introduced in 2020

Apple is going to launch “iPhone SE2” and “iPhone SE2 plus” models this year. These models might have 5.5 LCD display or 6.1 LCD display. The upcoming iPhone SE2 will have a Touch ID home button and it will have A13 chip and 3GB of RAM. According to the reports, Apple may also launch a larger “iPhone SE2 Plus”. The iPhone SE2 Plus will come out in 2021.

Apple May Introduce Six New iPhones (Not Confirmed Yet)

With iPhone 12, Apple will launch at least 6 new iPhones with some new upgraded features. iPhone 12 will have the 3D camera, 5G enabled features, in-display touch ID sensor. The device will be out at the end of 2020.

As per the reports, Apple will launch the new “iPhone SE2” in March 2020. Then in annual September, it will launch four new iPhones. While some of the reports say, that Apple will launch a total of five iPhones this year.

iPhone SE2 is expected to be similar to iPhone 8, it will have touch ID home button, with A13 chip and 3GB RAM. For the motherboard, SE2 will use 10-layer Substrate-like PCB (SLP) which is the same technology used by iPhone 11 s version.

Apple SE2 model will not have 3D touch feature, as it is removed by the company even in iPhone 11. iPhone SE2 Models will use Touch ID fingerprint reader instead of face ID. The phone will come in three colours silver, space grey and red.


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