This year, Apple is going to launch multiple iPhones, and from them one them will be 5G phone. It is expected that the smartphone might come in the market later this year. But, before the launch, there is some news and rumours which reveals some important details of the upcoming iPhones. There are rumours that iPhone 5G could use Apple’s own 5G antennas for iPhone 12. And Apple will make its own Design.

Apple Will Design Its Own 5G Antennas For Upcoming 5G iPhone

Apple To Use Its Own 5G Antennas For iPhone 12, Will Make Its Own Design
Apple To Use Its Own 5G Antennas For iPhone 12, Will Make Its Own Design
As per the latest reports, Apple will design its own 5g antennas for upcoming 5G iPhone later this year. Apple is going to create a new design for iPhone 12 for which it is getting a new 5G antenna setup. This setup will be used instead of Qualcomm’s 5G antenna. However, Apple is also working on a new smartphone and also on a new design. From this one of them will also use Qualcomm’s QTM 525 modem.
But, according to the reports, Apple does not want to go with this and hence want to make the design of the device thicker than others. The reports also suggest the 5G iPhone can use a phased array antenna which uses two parts to make a signal beam. This beam will be pointed electronically. Creating such design can be challenging as 5G antenna for mmWave are difficult to design because of the high frequencies.
Apart from the news of 5G antenna, there are few other things we know about the upcoming iPhone 12. The new 5G phone will be available in four different sizes 5.4-inch display, while the two devices will have 6.1-inch displays with one OLED and one LCD. And the top line of the iPhone will have 6.7-inch OLED panel.

The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 will have a 120Hz refresh rate. This will be an important upgrade on the iPhone.

Apart from this, it is also said that the new iPhones may have depth-sensing ToF cameras. At least two of the series will get this lens.


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