Apple is looking to include Airpods with the 2020 iPhone as per reports from reliable sources. After rumours about the specs and displays, this is an exciting development regarding Apple.

Apple is looking to include Airpods With 2020 iPhones 

iPhone 12 Concept
iPhone 12 Concept

DigiTimes has said that Apple is considering bundling new iPhone models with AirPods in 2020. The news seems uninformed as of now as to how Apple is going to add them to their future devices.

The report claims that smartphone vendors including Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are looking next year to bundle their new models with TWS earbuds, citing unnamed sources from the industry.

Apple Airpods Pro
Apple Airpods Pro

It is just impossible to think about how a popular accessory like Apple Airpods will be included in a box of new iPhone when people are happy to pay more for the device due to its demand.

While this theory may seem uncertain for now, Apple might feel it’s time to include something more futuristic with its iPhones than EarPods. AirPods are already said to be the best-selling wireless earphones in the world, and bundling them with iPhones would only expand that lead.

For several years, Apple has included simple, wired EarPods with a Lightning connector in the iPhone package. These earphones probably cost Apple very little to make.


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