Apple has started the Mass Production of iPhone 9, and it will launch the phone in next month March. As per the reports on Chinese site MyDrivers, it says, to build up a high level of stock ahead of the smartphone’s official launch, Apple has ordered the 30 million units of iPhone 9. However, the recent disease Coronavirus has brought a threat to the schedule of the launch of iPhone 9. However, as per the reports, Apple has started the production for iPhone 9.

Apple iPhone 9 Trial Production Begins, to Hit Mass Production by Mid-February

Apple iPhone 9 Trial Production Begins, Might Launch In Next Month!
Apple iPhone 9 Trial Production Begins, Might Launch In Next Month!

As per the reports, Apple has already given an order of 30 million units of iPhone 9; it is a huge order for a new device. Apple wants to make sure that iPhone 9 is easily available for more customers at the time of launch. It is said, that the production of iPhone 9 might start in mid-February and if everything goes perfect, then iPhone 9 will be launched in March 2020. 

At present, the launch of the iPhone is expected to get delayed because of the Coronavirus. But it is said that the contract manufacturers Foxconn and Wistron both of them have plants in Wuhan region, the main place where the virus outbreak.

According to all the leaks and rumours, iPhone 9 will be a revamped of iPhone 8 with modern firepower. The body of the device will be the same as the iPhone 8, so you will get a 4.7-inch Retina display. There won’t be the 3D Touch. The phone supports wireless charging, and it will have a glass rear panel. iPhone 9 will use Apple A13 chipset from iPhone 11, and it will have 2GB RAM. As per the rumours, iPhone 9 will come with the 12-MP camera, and there is an only a single camera at the back no wide-angle camera.

Apart from iPhone 9, Apple is expected to come up with new products like new iPad Pro, Wireless tracker, and a wireless charging pad.

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