Apple iPadOS releases – Here Are Its Features

Apple has released iPadOS for its iPad lineup. The new OS is based on the newly released iOS 13 with more features for the iPad. This is the first time Apple has experimented something like this.

The new iPad OS focuses on the multitasking and the ease of use aspect of the iPad. New features have been added to this update which is available to all the users of iPad. The update is available in Settings>General>Software Update. 

Features in the new iPadOS

Some of the features are the new and improved File management system, New way to see all the tasks that are open on the device, new home screen, Dark Mode, Floating Keyboard and many more.

iPad Filemanager
iPadOS Filemanager

The brand new File Manager makes it easy for using USB drives and now has more features, unlike the old File Manager which was present in iOS 12. Apple has added a column view that makes it more easy to use any external servers.

The Dark Mode has finally arrived in all it’s iPhone and iPad devices. It can also be set on a schedule so you can use it when you want to. Many of the applications don’t have the native support for the dark mode but its a correct way forward for the OS.

iPad OS homescreen
iPad OS Homescreen

The new and smooth Photos App has some photo editing facilities and the algorithm present will rearrange some of your photos for you. The Home Screen has been reworked for good with more features.

iPadOS Windows
iPadOS Windows

Let’s address the Elephant in the room. Multitasking has been made a priority in the update. Split Screen has finally been added to iPadOS. Slide over has been added so you switch applications card-style.

iPadOS Advanced Text
iPadOS Advanced Text Selection

New floating keyboard and Advanced Text Selection has been added with updates to Apple Pencil’s tool palate and has been made more responsive.

Apple’s iPadOS is one of the best updates that Apple has given in a long time and the bugs present will be quashed with following updates to come.

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