Donald Trump Says Now Apple has to help govt to unlock iPhones

Apple is the best company we can say that. Just because it accurately provides everything. We all know that Apple offers the best security to its customers. Everyone knows that Apple can keep its user’s data safe and secure.

Donald Trump tells Apple to help govt unlock iPhones, make America great again

Donald Trump Says Now Apple has to help govt to unlock iPhones
Donald Trump Says Now Apple has to help govt to unlock iPhones

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that now apple has to help the US to unlock all the devices that they need.

From this tweet, we can get an idea that now Donald Trump needs everyone to help the US. In the past, many situations came across in that criminals has used apple devices to do the crime. But as we all know that once apple device gets locked, anyone else can not hack it easily. So the data or evidence have stayed safe, but now Donald Trump is launching the attack against apple so they will have to unlock those devices anyhow. So the US can access that data efficiently.

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Barr had told the US media that,

“We have asked Apple for their help in unlocking the shooter’s iPhones. So far Apple has not given us any substantive assistance,”

“This situation perfectly illustrates why it is critical that investigators be able to get access to digital evidence once they have obtained a court order based on probable cause.”

In reply, Apple has said that they have already done enough and they are still helping enough after that an Apple spokesperson had told the US media that,

“We reject the characterization that Apple has not provided substantive assistance in the Pensacola investigation. Our responses to their many requests since the attack have been timely, thorough and are ongoing.”

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