Anyone Can Hack Your Instagram Account by a ‘Malicious’ Photo (Researchers Found)

We know that all the apps we use can spy on our activities via data collection, but when hackers take access to spy on our apps, it’s an entirely different thing. Hackers are using an Instagram app to steal users data. These hackers are sending malicious media through Instagram and other social media apps.

Instagram Bug can Give Access to Hackers if You Save a Photo

Instagram Bug can Give Access to Hackers if You Save a Photo
Instagram Bug can Give Access to Hackers if You Save a Photo

As per the reports, Instagram had a bug which allowed the users to get full access of your Instagram account. This data breach allowed the hackers to read and delete your direct messages and can also post anything on your account. The worse thing is they can also get access to all of your contact list with your phone camera and location.

However, earlier this year, the researchers of Check Point have detected the bug and alerted to Facebook, which was solved immediately.

The bug is found in Instagram’s open-source JPEG image decoder, Mozjpeg. To get access to our account, the attackers send a JPEG image file to the Instagram users. If you download this file and then open the Instagram app, the malware will effect your account. With the help of a malware named Remote Access Tool (RAT), the attackers will get access to your device based on all the permissions that Instagram has.

If you don’t know, Instagram takes access for the camera, location, microphone, storage and much more. So, all these things might affect this vulnerability flaw.

According to the advisory on Facebook, the overflow security issue which tracked as CVE-2020-1895, CVSS score: 7.8. It could affect all the versions of the Instagram app, which was released earlier this year in February.

Check Point Research said,

“This [flaw] turns the device into a tool for spying on targeted users without their knowledge, as well as enabling malicious manipulation of their Instagram profile.”

So, to be safe, you need to avoid such message scam on your device. If you have recently, received an image on your Whatsapp or Instagram do not save it, because your data can be at risk.

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