Anonymous Leaks 21GB of Email and Documents from Nicaragua. This has come in their #OpNicaragua mission in which they are leaking data to show the world of how corruption and mismanagement are running the Nicaraguan forests.

Anonymous Leaks 21GB of Email and Documents from Nicaragua

Anonymous, decided to leak 21GB worth of Emails and documents from the National Forest Institute of the Nicaraguan government. Twitter user Solidify analyzed the leak. He was able to verify that INAFOR, the National Forest Registry Office, registered a 329-hectare forest plantation plot in the name of OPERA S.A., which would sell its wood consequently.

The Hacker group targeted the National Forest Institute with a strong aim to reveal President Daniel Ortega ‘s government’s wrongdoing. This echoes a Nicaragua ‘s worsening political and social crisis. The crisis resulted in hundreds of deaths from protesters, and more than 100,000 fled the country.

The hack was a month old, but the conversation has stirred up again after rumors of a second hack is incoming. It is said that the hacks will be similar to that of the ones that happened in Kenya.

Leaked Documents from the Nicaraguan Hack
Leaked Documents from the Nicaraguan Hack

Hacker and a well known Anonymous Supporter, Lorian Synaro has said “We have been watching the Nicaraguan situation for a few weeks and have seen that the people were suffering from the oppression of their government. We have already made an OpNicaragua in 2018 so we know what type of government they have. They have killed a lot of innocent protesters. As Anonymous stands for freedom and against oppression, we have decided to act and target their government. So we try to hack their servers and expose their secrets and corruption. Like we did for the Inafor servers.”

For the people who are not familiar, Anonymous is a group of decentralized hackers who hack for the betterment and justice of the people. They have been known to carry out a mass number of attacks like the ones in Kenya some days ago or the Mexican site hacks.


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