June 9, 2023

Anonymous Takes Down 35+ Kenyan Government Websites

Anonymous Takes Down 35+ Kenyan Government websites. These come as a retaliation to the arrest of Kiama Wa Mutemi, an activist in Kenya.

Anonymous Takes Down 35+ Kenyan Government Websites  

Website of President of Kenya Down
Website of President of Kenya Down

Anonymous has taken down 35+ sites of the Kenyan Government. Some of these sites include the Kenyan Communications Department, Ministry of Foreign affairs, and even the official website of the President of Kenya was not spared. These sites come as a form of protest against the arrest of an activist named Kiama Wa Mutemi. Mr. Kiama was arrested after he was supposedly arrested on matters of False data.

Anonymous then retaliated with #FreeKiama slogans and took down almost 35 and more websites which are important to the Government of Kenya. They have stated that they are in a war with the Kenyan Government until and unless they release the Mr. Kiama, who has subsequently been released according to some sources.

The Servers of hosting the sites have been DDoSed with some even being hacked to mess their database around. This has sent a strong message that Anonymous will tolerate no more of citizen suppression and will actively fight against it.


Even another team, known as CyberWare joined in and have claimed to DDoS and hack into databases of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have also messed its database up. Even the eCitizen portal of Kenya was not spared against these attacks.

As of reporting this news, all of the aforementioned sites are down. For the ones who are not familiar with Anonymous, they are a group of decentralized hackers who hack to support the causes of the People. Yesterday they took down the Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico and Hacked two other Mexican websites. The group has now made a come back again after the killing of George Floyd by the police in the United States of America.

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