Anonymous Releases a DDoS Tool to Attack Websites. As the protests in the United State of America gets more turbulent, Anonymous has released this tool to help the protesters take down police and other various sites.

Anonymous Releases a DDoS Tool to Attack Websites

Anonymous Releases a DDoS Tool to Attack Websites of the oppressing forces in the United States. The tool was first brought to light when the State of Buffalo’s Police Department after one of its officers pushed a 72-year-old man down, who died on the spot.

Anonymous is a group of decentralized hackers who hack and fight for people’s rights. The group has now come to prominence after the brutal killing of George Floyd by the police officer of the city of Minneapolis.

The tool is written by @YourAnonS0u1, who is a prominent figure in the world of Anonymous. The code is written in Python and is a simple tool that can be run with a small amount of configuration.

Anonymous DDOS Tool on Github
Anonymous DDOS Tool on Github

The tool requires one to use a VPN, as the tool is not able to hide the IP of the attacker. The tool then sends a huge number of requests showing itself as many numbers of browsers sending a request to the site, which prompts the site to crash.

What is DDOS?

DDoS Attack Diagram
DDoS Attack Diagram

A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Services attack, is a form of cyber attack where the attacker makes the Server/ Website unavailable to the user. The attacks are usually untraceable as incoming traffic is from many sources. The symptoms of a DDoS attack on the server usually makes the network on the server slower, loading of huge resources on the server and finally making the server inaccessible.

Anonymous has been famous for calling DDOS attacks on Sony and many other sites of governments that have been abusing their citizens.

Note: This is an educational article and the site in no way takes any kind of responsibility if any legal action is taken against the users of the tool. 


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