Android 11 Update: Top 5 Features of Android 11

Worlds most used Operating System Android is set to launch its latest version. In 2020 soon we will able to see Android 11 in all flagship smartphones. Here you can check some of the best features of upcoming Android OS.

Top 5 Most Exciting Features of Android 11

Android 11 Update: Top 5 Features of Android 11
Android 11 Update: Top 5 Features of Android 11

The developer’s preview of Android 11 reveals some interesting details about the upcoming software. Android 11 Developer Preview has given a few glimpses of the features that OS has brought. Check out the list of all the features.

1. Chat Bubbles

Finally, Google may bring support to smartphones in the world.  These would be like Facebook chat heads which allows the users to interact with multiple conversations improving the overall access.

2. New Conversations

With the new OS on Android, there will be a separate conversation tab in the notifications panel. This tab allows users to access recent messages. It will also improve the way to give reply to messages from the notification panel as it will allow the users to send images from the notifications directly.

3. Dark Mode scheduling

Google brought Dark Mode feature to smartphones with Android 10 and now Dark Mode is also available with Android 11. The users can schedule Dark Mode as they want. This feature will be quite helpful to most of the users as it allows the user to switch dark mode depending on time.

4. Privacy and Permissions

Google is mainly focusing on privacy-centric features and now the new OS is adding one-time permissions for locations, camera, and microphones for better privacy. Android 11 will give permissions to the app for a single-user, and after that, it will take back from it once it is completed.

5. Airplane Mode without Bluetooth

The devices which will have Android 11 can access Bluetooth even if the Airplane mode is on. This feature is one of the best and most requested features. It will also allow continuing usage of the Bluetooth chip with all the connected devices even if the device is on Airplane Mode.

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The other exciting features are:

  • Support for 5G and foldable phones
  • Active notification panel
  • Stop notifications while shooting a video or clicking a picture
  • Google will support digital IDs

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