Android 11 Beta Launch Delayed Again by Google Indefinitely 

Android 11 Beta Launch Delayed again by Google Indefinitely. This news comes in after the protest that is happening in the United States related to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Coronavirus spreading rampantly.

Android 11 Beta Launch Delayed Again by Google

Android Release Timeline by Google
Android Release Timeline by Google

Android 11 Beta has been delayed again by Google after the protests in the USA and the COVID-19 spreading. Earlier today, the official twitter account of Android has tweeted about the delay in the launch. The original Google I/O show which was scheduled to happen on May 12-14 was canceled due to the coronavirus lockdown.

With the anticipated Android 11 beta release was launched as a fourth Developer Preview build of the Android OS. The launch was first moved from June 1st, 2020, and after that, it was moved to June 3rd, 2020 which got scrapped today.

The official Twitter account for Android Developers dropped the news, along with a relatively rational hint as to what was likely to inspire the decision. The ongoing tension seems to play a large part here in Oakland, Los Angeles. Usually, Google does its best to portray I / O events as a celebration of the vibrant Android community, its creators, users, and a promising future. We should surely accept the decision and consider the social consequences of keeping such a show now as potential “bad taste.”

Presumably, the ongoing delays have no further consequences for Android 11 itself. We already have a general understanding of some of the latest features ahead of us in the OS. Nevertheless, several other theoretically significant pieces, such as mandatory seamless upgrade support, are less discussed and shrouded in mystery. Google has already promised a series of 12 binge-worthy conversations on Android, starting with the basics What’s New and What’s New in Device UI and covering several developers and Google Play ecosystem topics. Here’s the hope we get to see those, as well as the sooner rather than later Beta Launch series.

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