Amazon Asks Employees To Delete TikTok App Immediately

On Friday, Amazon Employees were asked to delete the popular video creating app TikTok immediately from the device. After a few hours of the email sent to everyone, Amazon appeared and said the ban was a mistake.

Amazon Told Employees To Delete TikTok, Later Says “It Was A Mistake”

Amazon Employees were asked to delete tiktok

A Spokesperson from Amazon later said, “the email which asked the employees to delete the TikTok App immediately was sent “in error.” “Right now, there is no change in our policies regarding TikTok”.

Jaci Anderson, a spokeswoman, did not give any response to what all happened. The email which was sent widely online told employees to delete the TikTok app. As with the app, there is a national-security risk because the Chinese own the app. The email said, “security risks” of the app.

An employee from Amazon confirmed about the email but was not allowed to speak publicly. The employee had not seen a retraction when Amazon told it was a mistake.

The spokesperson added, “We welcome a dialogue so we can address any issues they may have and enable their team to continue participating in our community.” “We’re proud that tens of millions of Americans turn to TikTok for entertainment, inspiration, and connection, including many of the Amazon employees and contractors who have been on the frontlines of this pandemic.”

The Democratic National Committee has warned the Democratic campaigns, committees and state parties to take precautions while using TikTok. In an email which is obtained by CNN, the security team of DNC wrote, “We continue to advise campaign staff to refrain from using TikTok on personal devices. If you are using TikTok for campaign work, we recommend using a separate phone and account.”

In the US, TikTok has more than 160 million downloads and has become a part of the Internet.

Amazon is having more than 8,40,000 employees worldwide, which is the second-largest U.S private employee after Walmart. And this move against TikTok would increase the pressure on the app.

By the U.S military, the app is banned on employee phones, and the subject by the company is national-security. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of the U.S, said, the government was “certainly looking” at banning app this week.

The owner of TikTok, ByteDance says, the app is designed for users outside China. There is a Chinese version called Douyin.

TikTok app has a reputation for fun, goofy videos. The app is popular among young people, and millions of Americans also uses this app.

But the app has a concern about deleting the videos. There is a threat to this app of sharing user data with Chinese officials.

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