Amazon Introduced India’s Most spoken Language to Alexa

Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence can now speak Hindi. This was announced yesterday as around 530 million people in India can speak and understand Hindi, according to the latest census reports.

Amazon Introduced Hindi to Alexa

The new language, Hindi, is added to the Amazon’s Echo series of smart speakers and also to some Alexa enabled speakers which are manufactured by Bose. Alongside Hindi, it will also support “Hinglish,” which is a mixture of Hindi and English used by a lot of people in India.

alexa hindi

Amazon has been conducting workshops to teach its voice assistant new skills and languages. Amazon also opened up Alexa for developers making Hindi voice applications a couple of months ago.

The motive behind introducing a new most spoken language was to increase the number of Alexa users across the country. A whopping 600 million people in India have access to the Internet after Reliance introduced Jio. Every day lakhs of people purchase a new internet connection as the internet has become cheaper in India.

The e-commerce giant Amazon is investing 5 billion USD in expanding its business in India. The Hindi version of Amazon’s mobile app was also introduced in India with possibilities of adding more languages soon.

A large number of internet users in India prefer using apps like Facebook, news apps, and other applications in Hindi language.

This move by Amazon can surely help them to sell more Alexa speakers as; finally, Indians will be able to command Alexa to do tasks in Hindi or Hinglish.

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