The private Indian airline company, ‘SpiceJet‘ has been affected by a massive data breach that exposed the data of over 1.2 million passengers. It has also exposed some internal data regarding the flight.

SpiceJet Data Breach Exposed 1.2 Million Passengers Data

A Massive Data Breach At SpiceJet Exposed Data Of 1.2 Million Passengers
A Massive Data Breach At SpiceJet Exposed Data Of 1.2 Million Passengers

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According to a report, the data breach was done by a security researcher on the premise itself. The hackers were able to get access to the SpiceJet data by deducing the password several times.

The security researcher claims that it was done as a part of ‘ethical hacking‘ and he never got a response from the company, therefore, leading to this.

After the data breach has happened, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology informed Spicejet about the breach. Later, the company fixed the breach and everything was settled.

As for the information that got leaked, A report suggests that the hacker got private details of over 1.2 million passengers which includes their phone numbers, names, addresses and some of the flight information. 

SpiceJet later responded and stated that the breach has been fixed and the data of passengers are safe.

 ” At SpiceJet, the safety and security of our fliers’ data is sacrosanct. Our systems are fully capable and always up to date to secure the fliers’ data which is a continuous process. We undertake every possible measure to safeguard and protect this data and ensure that the privacy is maintained at the highest and safest level.”

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