91 Million Users Data Leaked From Indonesia’s Largest E-Commerce Tokopedia Probes

On Saturday Tokopedia Probes largest E-Commerce platform of Indonesia got hacked. One report has confirmed that more than 91 Million users data got leaked.

Indonesia’s Tokopedia probes alleged data leak of 91 million users

91 Million Users Data Leaked From Indonesia's Largest E-Commerce Tokopedia Probes
91 Million Users Data Leaked From Indonesia’s Largest E-Commerce Tokopedia Probes

A spokesman for the company said in a statement late Saturday,

“However, Tokopedia ensures that crucial information such as passwords remains successfully protected behind encryption.”

And He also added,

“At this moment, we continue to investigate further into this matter and there is no additional information that we can share.”

Below you can see the tweet which is confirming the data breach. The screenshots from tweet show claim that more than 15 million Tokopedia users personal details got hacked during March 2020 hack.



From screenshots, We can easily see names, emails and birthdays. The hackers really don’t need more data to hack anyone’s account this is enough to do that.

Under the Breach, On Sunday the hacker has updated that he has got details of more than 91 million users. And hacker just posted that in $5k which is around 3.8 Lakh INR he is selling those details on Darknet. The firm has also shared a screenshot of that offer which was posted online.

Tokopedia which is backed by $2 billion (roughly Rs. 15,150 crores) in funding from many investors like SoftBank’s Vision Fund and Alibaba.

CEO William Tanuwijaya has claimed that Tokopedia has more than 90 million active users every month.

A Tokopedia spokesman declined and said

 “all transactions with all payments methods at Tokopedia … remain secure.”

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