15 Billion Users Stolen Passwords For Sale On Dark Web

Research reveals, that over 15 Billion credentials are on sale on Dark Web. 15 billion users account details are stolen and are circulating on the dark web. The researchers at cybersecurity website Digital Shadows identified usernames, passwords and other details from online bank accounts, and music streaming services.

Over 15 billion credentials for sale on the dark web

15 Billion Users Stolen Passwords For Sale On Dark Web
Source: https://static.independent.co.uk/s3fs-public/thumbnails/image/2020/07/08/13/passwords-dark-web.jpg?w968h681

Most of the exposed data belong to consumers. The bank and financial services account data was the most expensive data for sale on the dark web. The average price was £56.

A CISO at Digital Shadows, Rick Holland, said,

“The sheer number of credentials available is staggering. Some of these exposed accounts can have (or have access to) incredibly sensitive information. Details exposed from one breach could be re-used to compromise accounts used elsewhere.”

Digital Shadows firms have alerted its customers. Since 2018, the number of stolen data has raised by 300%, due to surge in data breaches. From the last two years, approximately 100,000 separate breaches have taken place.

The data which was for sale were of those who have access to accounts within the organisation with usernames among the most.

However, the validity of the data was not confirmed. According to the researchers the listing has most of the corporations and government organisations in different countries.

The security experts have advised the users to put different passwords for each online service they use.

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